Palác Fénix v roce 1920

Three buildings were built in the 14th century on the site where Palác Fénix (Phoenix Palace) today stands. In the 1830s two two-storey houses with classicist façades were built on the same site and they remained there until 1927. That year their owner Mr Klubala sold them to the Viennese “Phoenix Life Insurance Company”. So the current name has its origin in the early 20th century. On 19 February 1927 Prague City Hall issued the “Phoenix” company approval for demolition and on 12 February 1928 a building permit for the construction of a single building.

The men mainly responsible for Palác Fénix’s current form in 1927 were prof. Ing. arch. Josef Gočár and Ing. arch. Bedřich Ehrmann. They created a work that became typical of functionalism in Bohemia. The static calculation and the design of the support system was drawn up by a professor of Viennese techniques Mr Nowak, and the drawings of the reinforcement and the shape of the structures were by Ing. Franke. In the arcade inside the building there is a wonderful coloured mosaic with pictures of beautiful women by the famous Czech painter R. Kremlička.

Mozaika krásných žen, jejímž autorem je R. Kremlička


The completion of the first phase of the construction was approved on 20 June 1929 but immediately after it had been approved construction continued with substantial changes (the staircase in the Wenceslas Square section was moved due to the location of the lifts, the atrium was roofed over, awnings were built in Krakovská and Ve Smečkách streets, shop windows, etc.). The completion of the building was finally approved on 12 February 1930.

Palác Fénix v roce 1931


Palác Fénix v roce 1981

Despite the disruptive alterations that have been made since 1938 to the building and the use of some of its parts, there has never been any change in the façade of the building or the supporting skeleton. In cooperation with architects and the Prague heritage authorities all repairs have been done sensitively with consideration for the building’s interior and structure. Thanks to its architectural value Palác Fénix has been classified as a state historic building under ref. no. 1140/2289.


Palác Fénix is located in the heart of Prague and offers an exclusive combination of offices and shopping arcade where you can also enjoy cultural activities. Its location on Wenceslas Square, the history of the building and the high quality of services perfectly meet the demands of a luxurious working environment for your company.

Palác Fénix has 3 underground floors and 8 aboveground floors, the support system is a reinforced concrete, monolithic skeleton, the atrium is covered with a steel glazed structure made of transverse trusses with longitudinal beams for roof glass and skylight glass. The static solution was accomplished with extraordinary technical invention, using the latest knowledge of its time. The use of a Vierendeel beam is a unique solution meaning that the cinema hall (now a theatre) for 760 people does not have any columns.

Pohled na palác Fénix ze spoda